Local Services

Services available to individuals and businesses in north western Wisconsin.

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Business IT Services

ABoE provides a wide range of services to cover small business needs.

Computer Services

ABoE provides hardware service on desktops, laptops, and computer monitors.

Services available:
  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Non-boot/BSODs of computers
  • Virus removal
  • OS/Software installation
  • Custom builds
    • Gaming computers
    • Servers
    • HTPCs (Home Theater PC)
  • Data transfer
  • Wi-Fi / network setup

We may also be able to recover data in certain situations such as other components in the computer failed or a file was recently deleted and no other work has been done on the computer. If the information is mission critical (i.e extremely important), the best chance of recovery is contacting a company that specializes in data recovery. The cheapest insurance is to perform regular back-ups. An off-site (friend/family's house or an online service) is a good place to store an additional backup of important information. We can provide setups to automatically back up data at set intervals.

We buy or recycle old or broken equipment.

Services are available to business owners and individuals. On-site troubleshooting and repair is available.

Process Optimization

ABoE's heritage is based in many years of experience in the test and manufacturing of aerospace components but we also provide small business needs. We can create custom tools or support the implementation of off-the-shelf solutions.

Services available:
  • Product tracking systems
  • Enterprise resource planning systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Flagging (notification) systems to notify engineers and product support members of issues
  • Bar code readers
  • Work instruction templates and automation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customer tracking
  • Invoice systems
  • Reporting systems
  • Excel/document templates
  • VBA/scripting for repetitive tasks
  • Websites (in certain cases)

Smartphone Repairs

Smartphone repairs must be performed at our location.

ABoE provides standard hardware services on all makes and models of cell phones and tablets. Due to the volume of models on the market and to minimize costs parts are ordered as needed.

Smartphone screen replacement pricing varies depending on parts cost and complexity. Contact us for a quote.

We recommend against replacement of components if the costs equal or exceed the current market value of the phone, though we understand in some situations customers may need to access data or information on the phone. As with a computer, back up the phone!

We buy or recycle old or broken phones.

Need a service that is not listed? Give us a call!