Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Why does my company need operating procedures?

Easy, consistency. Here's an excellent example, a well known aerospace firm was qualifying a new product. To meet the required deadline, qualification testing was being performed around the clock by a team of engineers. The qualification required the capture of oscilloscope plots to verify testing results which would be published in the qualification reports. The problem was all engineers were using different settings for time domain etc. While the information was being captured as required, the results were difficult for a reader to extrapolate due to a lack of consistency across the oscilloscope plots. A simple setup file on the oscilloscope and a one page SOP insured liner data collection, thus increased readability of the qualification report.

We will come to your facility to document a process step-by-step and create an SOP from the collected data. An added benefit of using an outside company is we do not have any intimate knowledge of the unit, thus less apt to skip steps a designer or engineer may feel are intuitive.